What started out as a hobby became a passion.
Then that passion became a career.

I started building web sites back in high school, then throughout college and beyond. I was struck by the power and flexibility unique to the web. I wanted to create exciting, visually rich web experiences for everyday people.

  • "Paul has a sense of design and importance for doing the web product layout and interface right."
    Vladimir Gorshkov, Cvent
  • "Paul's work and his attitude are both top shelf! He is creative, smart and hard-working. We highly recommend his work."
    Les Heintz, Heintz Media Productions
  • "Paul is a tireless worker and has a thirst to learn and take on new projects."
    J.D. Bickel, Spin Systems

Being a part of something big. That desire fuels every project.

Deploying standards-compliant HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is just one important piece of the puzzle. It’s also understanding when and how to craft them to create a rich and dynamic experience for the user.

I’ve always sought out the big challenge. I sometimes bite off more than I can chew. But taking chances and learning from the best makes the end product that much more special.

Folks I've had the pleasure of working with:

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A targeted strategy for reaching and engaging your audience.

It all starts with the right approach. Before the design meetings, the long hours coding, and the push and pull of optimization, I sit down and hash out ideas with each and every party involved. I jot down notes. I scribble sketches. Most importantly, I ask questions. Who is your target audience? What is the intended message?

My sites are built to be cross-browser compliant with all modern browsers, including IE8 and higher. They're built with semantic markup atop the latest and most proven CSS and JavaScript frameworks. And they're painstakingly coded to ensure W3C and Section 508 compliance. Best of all, they're built to be maintainable and customizable in the long term.

How about some snazzy charts instead?

  • Napkins scribbled on hastily
  • Hours spent coding
  • Soccer matches DVR'd
  • Cups of coffee inhaled